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About Us

We like to compare owning a piano to owning a classic car. Owning an older piano will generally require more than just a ‘tune up’ annual tuning. Older parts get fatigued and worn out and in need of regulation and that is where we specialize! We at Mr. Restoration, LLC have over 10 years experience in doing frame off restorations to make 100+ year old pianos look and play better than they did when they were new!

We work on all pianos: uprights to grands, and we are not intimidated by square grands; in fact, squares are our specialty.

But our most specialized and unique service we off at Mr. Restoration is harp repair. If your piano has a catastrophic failure where the harp (also called plate) cracks or breaks, then you have probably been told that the instrument, no matter how much it means sentimentally or monetarily to you, is not able to be or not worth fixing. We successfully revitalized and combined methods of vehicle restoration and building restoration to fix cast iron harps to withhold the tension required to tune the piano.

Our Services

Our shop in located near the Foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, TN but we service the greater East and Middle TN areas for field work and we have transportation services for restoration projects that we do in house so we accept restorations from around the country! We have over 10 years in transporting and safely moving pianos of all styles. We do not have a storefront so if you want to visit us, we can set up an appointment and give you our address at that time.

Piano Restoration

With this service, the piano will go through the full restoration. We will take it to our shop and deconstruct the piano to address any and all issues the instrument has. Every part and piece will be thoroughly repaired. It will be regulated and restrung with new strings. The case will also be refinished!

In Field/Technician Work

If your piano looks great but has slight issues such as a tuning, sticky keys, that one note feels off, or a simple buzz that you can’t locate the problem, this service is for you! The in field/technician’s service is where we come to you and fix simple issues in house. No need to ship your priceless instrument to be worked on!

Furniture Repair/Refinish

We love antiques of all sizes and shapes! With our capabilities to refinish pianos, we can also refinish your priceless furniture. Everyone has that one piece that they cannot let go, but we all wonder what did it look like once before? We would love to work with you on any furniture project you have in mind! 

Piano Restoration

Once the piano is functioning again, it will be reassembled, brought back to its home and given a touch up regulation and tuning. With this service we can also put in a player system! And of course we can make a restoration package that suites your needs. Not every piano needs to be completely restored; maybe you want your piano to be preserved to keep the instrument as you remember it as a child or you only want the inside of the piano redone (soundboard, bridges, harp repainted and lettered, new tuning pins, pinblock addressed, action rebuild and regulated) That way you have a new motor in your classic but you keep the patina of the cabinet.

Piano Restoration


  • Case repair/refinish
  • Bridge repair or bridge recapping if the bridges are too damaged
  • Soundboard repair
  • Pinblock plugging for new tuning pins or duplication
  • Veneer repair or reveneer
  • Wood fabrication for missing or damaged parts
  • Keys: ivories cleaned or faux, sharps cleaned and repaired


  • Keys: rebushed
  • Keyboard cleaned
  • Action cleaned and refurbished with new felts
  • Harp cleaned, sealed, and felted
  • Harp repaired (if necessary)
  • New tuning pins and strings and custom matched bass strings made for restringing
  • Tuned


  • Action regulation
  • If needed, new hammers
  • If desired, QRS system installed
  • Assembled
  • Pick up and drop off services available
  • Tuned at house and regulation upon delivery

*Price of service varies based on assessment of instrument and what customer would like to have done. Our typical restoration price ranges between $7K-$15K

Piano Repair Services:

*Price of service varies depending on what is needed. However, a tuning is a set price at $180 which includes a two hour block. Once tuning is done, the remaining time will be used to look over the instrument and address any issues that it has.

 Girl tuning a piano
  • Tune…$180
    **This service includes a two hour block in which we will tune the piano. Once the tuning is finished, we will look over the piano and address any issues the instrument may have.
  • In home veneer repair
  • Assessment of piano, if there is a problem
  • Mild regulation/touch up regulation
  • Cleaning under strings
  • If a restring or a pinblock issue arises, we will bring back to our shop

Furniture Repair/Refinish

*Price of service varies depending on scope of work. Furniture work generally starts around $200. In home services are $50/hour. 

Dark antique chair sitting in a room
  • Wood repair/fabrication
  • Stabilization of tables and chairs
  • Refinishing
  • Painting
  • Stripping/sanding
  • Veneer repair or reveneer surfaces
  • Upholstery


Meet The Team

Zach Rogers

Zach Rogers


With over 10 years of experience working on pianos, Zach has mastered the skills and expertise to diagnosis and assess every piano he looks at. He developed his harp repair technique through working on classic cars; early 60’s Fords primarily! He has worked on every aspect of the piano restoration process and knows these processes by heart. His favorite style of piano to work on is squares. He has stated that he has a special kind of love for these historic instruments.
Zach is the founder of Mr. Restoration, LLC. You can contact him with your project at 865.748.6458 or through email at zach@mrrestorationllc.com
Nikkita Rogers

Nikkita Rogers


A passion for anything historic, Nikkita has worked in building preservation for 7 years and historic piano and furniture restoration for 5. Her expertise lies in restoring veneer, woods, and the proper methodology to save/preserve a historic piece. When she isn’t trying to save every historic object she can touch, Nikkita writes stories and has two published books.
Nikkita is co-owner of Mr. Restoration, LLC. You can contact her with your project at 740.296.8984 or through email at nikkita@mrrestorationllc.com